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Group Workshop: 

How to stay healthy and happy?


This workshop creates an interactive learning  space, where you will discover how to construct a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your social and family life. It is not just about diets but understanding your unique body and mind, learning about the power of healthy eating and how healthy habits can improve sleep, stress management, nutrition, energy and work-life balance.


  • Circle of life: primary and secondary foods

  • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes, NOT dieting 

  • Main Macronutrients concepts. Let’s count nutrients, not calories!

  • The truth about fats and how to make them our friends

  • Clarifying some “Famous Diets”

  • Understanding labels and how to shop (identifying hidden ingredients)

  • How to meal prep?

  • Meals and snacks ideas

  • Understanding food swaps (eat this, not that suggestions)

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